Colorful art to brighten my soul & light up your life


For as long as I can remember I’ve been observing and creating. Always searching for bold, vibrant energy is why I love to capture colorful floral pieces and abstract portraits. They remind me  that we can grow and bloom from a place of darkness, to shine our light and can be vulnerable at the same time.
Inspiration is all around us.




  • 17.11.23-17.01.24 Naald & ink, station Haarlem
  • 20.10.23-29.10.23 Kunst10daagse Bergen
  • 10.06.23 Watdajel, Other Side Amsterdam
  • 25.04.23 Watdajel, Nicolaïkerk Utrecht
  • 7/8/9.04.23 Solo expo Ems studio gallery Amsterdam

Open for exhibitions in 2024

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